A British charity helps pet owners facing hardships keep their animals

An animal welfare association assist pet owners in precarious situations with taking care of their animals, so they don’t have to abandon them. Mayhew provides, food, shelter and community support to animals.

Pets’ rejection is hitting an all-time high in some nations. But, alas, some owners don’t necessarily make this decision lightly.

In reality, many would like to keep their animals but can no longer afford the cost. Weeks ago, Colin Ortutai-Hughes was one of them.

The 45-year-old divorcee with four children had to give up his kittens for adoption since he had to start living in his car after the dissolution of his marriage. He was also diagnosed with depression.

In spite of his plight, Colin had held on to Max and Molly, two senior cats he loved dearly. However, as his mental health and the financial situation worsened, Colin was at his wits’end.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done. I didn’t have any food left for the cats,” he revealed

Luckily, the desperate cat owner turned to animal welfare charity Mayhew. At this shelter, Colin and his cats received the assistance they so needed.

Mayhew is one of several charities increasing services to help pet owners cope with the substantial jump in the cost of food, fuel, and power in recent months.

According to market research firm Kantar, pet food prices have starkly increased in the last year. As a result, countless owners can put their animals for adoption by animal welfare organizations at unprecedented rates.

Mayhew supports pet owners

At Mayhew, charity workers gave Colin 5-kilogram sacks of cat food, blankets, and a carrier box. Additionally, they secured homes for the felines.

In an interview with BBC, Colin spoke highly of the association. He said:

They were so friendly… They said that even if I move if I get desperate for food, I can come back any time,”

Cat welfare coordinator at Mayhew Georgina Costi thinks it’s ideal if cats stay with their owners since animals are excellent for mental health. Besides, the crowded shelter doesn’t need any more animals coming in for rehoming.

Furthermore, Mayhew has opened a pet shelter, providing low-income families the chance to place their animals in momentary foster for up to three months instead of leaving them forever.

More and more people are taking advantage of this program. Georgina is pleased with this outcome, stating:

“They just wouldn’t have gone in to get their operation or into rehab [otherwise] because they don’t have finances to put their animal in private boarding,”

The association has also recently started supplying local food banks with pet food.


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