Spider-slaying cat always protects her terrified owner from bugs

A woman scared of spiders has learned she could count on a furry hero: her feline Aggie.

Having a cat comes with many perks. First, they keep your house free of mice and any pesky rodents.

They provide you with priceless company and attention. Unlike your human friends, they can listen to you complain for hours without making a sound.

Besides, they express their appreciation for you with purrs and silently judge you when they think you’re wrong.

They can even help you out by capturing bugs around the house. One of these arachnid-hunting animals is Aggie (short for Agatha), a stunning white cat.

Aggie’s mistress is not fond of bugs and has a particular phobia of spiders. Fortunately, the pet owner can rely on her best buddy Aggy to save her from these terrifying webs.

On October 13, Tiktoker Mary Howard used her account to post an adorable video of her puss Aggie. In the video, the critter displays her skills with spiders.

Mary, who resides in Brighton, UK, explained that her cat is the designated spider hunter in the house. For this reason, whenever Aggie hears Mary scream her name, the white moggy knows it’s time to chase a spider.

The Tiktok post shows Aggie entering a room at her human’s call. Immediately, the cat follows her mistress’s directions and finds the spider.

Funnily enough, Mary also owns two other cats, who remained still during the entire incident. Hence, Aggie is definitely one of a kind.



Aggie is the spider hunter cat in this house so naturally when she hears me call her name in terror she comes running knowing what she must do

♬ original sound – Mary Howard

Aggie the spider slayer gains notoriety

Since its upload, the video has passed five million views, making it a hit. Commenters have applauded the cat’s responsiveness and focused attitude.

Others complimented the pet’s beautiful haircoat.

TikToker Zack Cutter thinks Aggie’s coat predestined her for the job. He wrote:

“Spiders apparently can’t see white, if that’s true, then Aggie is a born arachnid slayer.”

@Kelci is surprised by the cat’s understanding of her mistress:

“The fact that she understood and went straight to where you were pointing!!

A commenter asked if Mary’s other cats were not jealous of Aggie but the pet owner responded that they all knew Aggie was the one to finish this job.

Looking at Mary’s previous posts, this is not an isolated incident. Aggie is clearly a professional, as there are videos of the white puss handling other insects.

“I never have to worry about a spider ever again!!” Mary Howard said.

Lucky her!

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