Kleptomaniac cat brigns home a raunchy toy

Thieving cat leaves owner red-faced when she brings home suspected sex toy

A cat earned a reputation for her “shopping sprees” in neighbor’s backyards. But recently, the local celebrity outdid herself when she brought home a raunchy object, leaving her mistress absolutely horrified. It’s common knowledge that cats like to bring their owners strange presents. Demo the cat from Caldicot, Wales, is no different.  Pet owner Rachel … Read more

Larry Chief mouser for PM, says the internet

Netizens are vying for Larry Chief Mouser to become the new British Prime Minister

Following the abrupt resignation of newly appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss, UK’s 10 downing Street is currently looking for a new tenant. While the world awaits the new prime minister’s election, Internet has already picked its candidate. Larry, Chief Mouser, and his countless fans think he’s the feline for the job. Britain has been in … Read more

Womand adopts three-legged cat found in Ukraine

Three-legged cat rescued in war-torn Ukraine now spends his time in Birmingham’s pubs

A woman has spoken about her experience aiding neglected animals of war in war-torn Ukraine after initially going there to assist migrants crossing into Poland. She ended up adopting a three-legged Ukrainian cat, with whom she shares her adventures. Wendy Lloyd, a resident of Birmingham, England, traveled to Ukraine to join the other courageous Britons … Read more