Stray black cat adopts a couple who moved into his neighborhood

When this couple moved into their new home, they were adopted by a local stray black cat. He filled their new home with so much kitty love.

Meeting their new neighbor

This woman recently shared her cat’s story on Reddit. She said that she and her husband bought a home and moved in one day in July 2014. They weren’t expecting a friendly black cat to welcome them to the neighborhood, but there he was. The woman said:

“This cat just waltzed up to us in our driveway as we were moving in, began chasing our shadows around. He rolled and rolled and made friends.”

Although they appreciated his company, the couple assumed he was someone else’s cat because he was so well-fed and friendly.

But as they asked around about the cat, they found out that he had been a stray for a while. He was so friendly that everyone in the neighborhood loved him, fed him, and played with him. He even made friends with other strays and people’s dogs. He obviously had a lot of love to spread around.

Adopted by Shadow

Although this cat loved everyone, he specifically decided to adopt this couple. The woman said:

“He started wanting to come inside and sleep with us, he’d follow us from room to room like a dog, be at our feet whenever we cooked (and of course he demanded foods).”

When a cat adopts you, there’s not much else you can do but embrace it. This couple named the cat Shadow, and they decided to keep him and give him lots of love.


The woman said that he was her “best pal,” but her husband was obviously the cat’s favorite human. She said:

“I’ve never seen a cat and human love each other as much as he and my husband did. They were inseparable. This cat even learned his work schedule to be waiting at the door for him.”

Shadow liked to cuddle up in her husband’s arms, and when the cat got older, that’s where he decided to spend his last few moments. Shadow passed away in her husband’s arms, purring and purring until he couldn’t anymore.

Ever since he adopted them, Shadow brought so much love into this couple’s home. The woman said that their house feels so quiet without him, and she thinks of him often.

Black cat magic

Shadow was truly something special, and her taught her how wonderful cats can be. She said:

“I had never loved cats until him. Now I’m just obsessed with black cats and the magic they bring to your life.”

If a cat ever decides to adopt you, and you’re able to provide a good home for it, don’t resist! Just like Shadow, a very special stray may just change your life.

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