Stray cat falls asleep in Turkish street musician’s instrument case

A street musician serenades a tired stray cat as the critter settles in for a nap in the most comfortable position possible.

Cats love to nap just as much as their human owners do. It has been well documented that they will make their homes in the most peculiar places.

 A cat in the subway in Istanbul, Turkey, spotted a musician playing a calming tune with his guitar-like instrument. The animal also noticed the roomy instrument case on the floor, choosing to fall asleep in it.

The scene was immortalized by an onlooker named Alp. This spectator gave his take in an interview with the Dodo.

First and foremost, Istanbul is well-known for its massive population of stray felines. Considered community pets, the cats run the Turkish city.

Alp explained:

” In Istanbul, you can see street cats all over the place. We do not call them ‘strays’ here because usually people feed them and feel like they own them …[We] let them wander around”.

Alp photographed the touching scene that took place in the subway in Istanbul. A gifted man set a stand at a station and then entertained the other passengers by playing the cura, a local instrument.

The sound of his fingers moving across the strings drew in a calico cat. The cat was wandering the before it approached the musician.

Unlike passersby gathering to listen to the sweet melody engineered by the player, the feline wasn’t attracted to the sounds or even the promise of treats. The real draw for this discrete creature resided in the black instrument case placed on the floor.

As the unfazed musician kept playing, his long-whiskered visitor hoped inside the case and made itself at home.

This safety bag must have felt like the most comfortable bed in the wide world because minutes later, our stray cat drifted off to sleep in front of bystanders.

A stranger posts the sweet video

Istanbul resident Alp was walking past the musician and spotted the kitten. He didn’t want to bother either the musician or the feline, so he recorded the kitten getting cozy in the cura case from afar.

He said:

“As you can understand by the photo, it is a stray cat. Unfortunately, I do not know the name. “

Later the netizen shared his video in a subreddit dedicated to cats with the title ” Sleepy one. “

Alp continued by saying that he was thrilled to have stumbled upon both the performer and the cat, neither of which he was familiar with.

It was one of these innocuous scenes only Istanbul could offer.

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