A long-haired ginger tabby sits inside a cat house.

This rescue takes care of cats who have nowhere to go when their owners pass away

Hearts That Purr: Feline Guardians in Tuscan, Arizona, is a non-profit cat rescue and organization that specializes in homing cats that have had to be surrendered because their owner has become terminally ill, incapacitated, or has passed away. It is a place for cats who “were never unwanted but have been essentially orphaned.” When a … Read more

Two black cats, eating from bowls with their tails intertwined.

These bonded brothers were abandoned but found a new loving home together

Two bonded brother siblings, Baba and Tamacti, were surrendered to Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California in June 2021. When they were turned in, Baba had a severe upper respiratory infection. The vets at the center decided that the most humane option for Baba was to remove his eyes, as the infection had gone … Read more

A tabby cat sits on a chair looking straight at the camera.

Introducing ‘nurse’ Bea and The Hospital Cats

The Look Ahead Veterinary Services clinic in California is home to a group of resident hospital cats, which includes a very special feline nurse named Bea. It’s unclear as to whether Bea is concerned about the animals she encounters or whether she just wants to play with them! Either way she loves keeping the patients … Read more

These bonded brothers were rejected for the color of their coats, but one woman changed their lives

Brenda was used to having dogs, but when her life circumstances meant she couldn’t care for one, she decided to adopt a cat instead, as Brenda explained to GeoBeatAnimals: “If you would have asked me five years ago that I was going to end up with not one but two cats, I would have laughed … Read more

CatCon, the ‘Comic-Con for cat people’, returns this fall

Dubbed the “Comic-Con for cat people“, CatCon returns in-person this coming October 1st and 2nd at the Pasadena Convention Center, in Pasadena, California, USA. The event is full of cat-themed merchandise, activities, and opportunities to help out with cat-focused organizations. Previous years have brought attendees from all over the US, as well as from 24 … Read more

Special needs cats from all over the world get given a forever home at this amazing sanctuary

Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue is one of the only special needs cat rescues in the world. Because of this, they get requests from all over asking them to take in cats. And they do, they’ve taken in cats from Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, and more, helping them get healthy and hopefully getting them … Read more