These patient cats love nothing more than watching their owner cook

Jun and his girlfriend Rachel are a couple living in Japan with three beautiful cats, Haku, Nagi, and Poki.

Both Nagi and Haku look to be Norwegian Forest cats, and Poki seems to be a domestic mixed breed.

Their breeds don’t seem to matter in terms of their manners though, proof of which can be seen in their owner’s YouTube videos.

It all began with Haku and Jun.


Jun has a popular YouTube channel called JunsKitchen where he makes incredible food while the cats look patiently on.

In one of the first videos on this channel Jun takes us through the process of making Japanese fried chicken.

Three cats sleeping. A ginger Norwegian Forest cat curls up on the left, with another ginger Norwegian Forest cat on the right cuddled with a black and white domestic mixed breed.
That’s Nagi on the chair on the left, Haku is the ginger boy on the cat bed in the back wrapped around Poki, the black and white cat. Pic credit: @junskitchen/Instagram.

Part of the process is buying the ingredients, and so Jun calls Haku, who then jumps in Jun’s bicycle basket, and off they go shopping.

Haku gets to sniff the ingredients before the food is made, and then watches calmly as Jun starts cooking.

There are many other videos on Jun’s channel just like this, where he cooks while his kitties watch and they don’t interfere in the process at all – except Poki sometimes.

They just love watching him cook.

How to train a cat

After getting inundated with requests about how well trained his cats are in his videos, Jun decided to let us in on the secret.

His trick is… that he doesn’t train them at all.

The only thing that Jun has taught the cats over the years is to give their paws before getting food.

All he did was get them to associate raising each paw once with food so that they did this when he requested.

The only other thing he made sure to do was getting the cats used to him cooking.

“Cats are really curious, and especially living inside the house, they don’t have much entertainment aside from what you give them.”


He explains that by engaging the cats with his cooking and letting them smell ingredients, it becomes entertaining for them to see what happens.

Its also important to let them hang around the area, as long as it’s safe for cats, so that they don’t feel like they will be punished for being near food.

If there’s meat involved, or something toxic to cats, then yes it’s best to keep that away from kitty.

But if not, there’s no harm in letting them sate their curiosity.

These cats certainly look satisfied, and Jun proves that by getting cats used to their surroundings, they can be great company everywhere.

Ginger Norwegian Forest cat sleeping on a fridge in front of a microwave
Except when you need to use the microwave! Pic credit: @junskitchen/Instagram.

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