Cat can’t believe it when owner ‘turns into cat’ thanks to TikTok filter

Tiktok is an endless source of cat-related entertainment. Each day dozens of cats grab users’ attention with their funny antics. The following story is no different. In Ontario, Canada, a cat’s reaction to a video filter made his owner and millions of Internet users laugh.

Anne, known as Kittanne_Pixel, has a Tiktok account where she often posts videos of herself and her cat, Pixel. The Canadian described her cat as a “Tippy, Cotton & Candy-All rescue kitty.”

As usual, the Tiktoker uploaded a video of her cat Pixel on the platform on March 26. The 15 seconds clip gained a whopping 10 million views in a short period. Here’s why.

A disconcerting filter

In the video, we can see Pixel’s mistress filming on selfie mode with her feline lying on her lap. Nothing special except that the woman chose a cartoon cat filter that covered her natural face.

As Anne and Pixel both watch the result of the camera app on her phone screen, viewers can see the cat’s hilarious reaction directly in return.

Pixel seems to freeze as Anne sings and shakes her virtual feline head from side to side. The cat appears to have no clue of what’s going on.

Pixel can see his owner’s body, but can’t believe his own eyes because there’s a second puss staring back at him. The kitty rounds his eyes in sheer astonishment.  

It’s unclear whether he approves or disapproves of his mistress’ new look!

Pixel has a unique look 

Anne adopted Pixel, now three years old, from a shelter when he was only three months old. She’s a certified cat lady who owns three other cats apart from Pixel. And all four came from different cat shelters.

Anne previously explained that Pixel has eyes that are more prominent than normal. His features often give hilarious feline expressions that make everyone laugh. That’s why the young woman wanted to share the cat’s reaction on TikTok.

With 10 million views, 1.9 million likes, and 38,600 comments, we can say that Anne succeeded in her bet: to make people laugh, thanks to Pixel!

TikTok users shared their delight in the comments. @Roblox_stuff wrote:

“The cat was too stunned to speak😳😳😳😳”

PermaFrost237 offered a translation of the cat’s reaction: “


Some users noticed poor Pixel didn’t even blink during the whole clip. The kitten was probably too shocked to move.

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