Choupette the cat has incredibly traveled across France on her owner’s head

Choupette, a ten-year-old cat, gained notoriety for exploring French regions perched on her owner Joseph’s head.

Joseph Zappia and Choupette reside in Joeuf, France. The man does not want to leave his cat home during his trips, so he brings her everywhere.

When they travel, they certainly do not go unnoticed. The pair’s trademark? Choupette spends her time surveying festivals, concerts, and events in the region, sitting on the head of her beloved master.

How Joseph encountered Choupette

On June 17, 2012, Joseph Zappia was on his way home when he made an unusual find. In an interview with Lorraine Actu, the man reminisced:

 “Something was on the ground on my street. As I approached, I noticed a kitten that was only a month and a half old, malnourished, and nearly dying.”

Joseph couldn’t take his eyes off this tiny ball of fur and chose to take it home. Unfortunately, Choupette was very ill and required much care; therefore, the veterinary bills were substantial.

Nevertheless, Joseph didn’t give up. Instead, he nurtured the kitten for weeks until she could stand. As the feline regained her strength, she and her owner developed a solid bond.

Choupette, a local celebrity

Joseph Zappia rapidly realized he couldn’t bear to be parted with his tiny protégée, so he opted to bring her everywhere he went.

But there was no way he would let her travel in a carrier! Joseph stated:

 “Initially, I carried her in my arms on our outings. The issue was that it became heavy after a while. So I trained her to stand on my shoulder. She gradually climbed upon my head, and she never moves now.”

It took some time for Choupette to figure out how to settle on her master’s head, but her efforts appear to have paid off. All eyes are on her when the puss goes out and about, proudly sitting on her savior’s head.

Joseph explained:

” Every time we go out, hundreds of people come up to us to pet Choupette or take a picture with her.”

According to him, the enthusiasm for Choupette is the same in numerous cities in France. In most cases, their story ends up in the local media, Joseph proudly points out that:

“She has appeared on TF1, M6, France 2, France 3, but also on Dutch and German television,”

Choupette, a true explorer, has enjoyed countless events in her region and elsewhere in the country. The puss even went on a hot-air balloon trip in Chambley-Bussières.

This adventurous lifestyle is the perfect change from her humble beginnings. Furthermore, when she’s home, the feline can take advantage of her room and five cat trees all to herself.

Choupette relaxing at home. Pic credit: Choupettezappia / Facebook

Time for retirement

After more than seven years spent crisscrossing Lorraine and France, Choupette is ready for a change. According to Joseph, retirement was the feline’s decision. He said:

“Back then, when the weather was nice, Choupette would stand in front of the door and whine about going outside. Now, when I ask her to go for a walk, she goes up to her room and grumbles. She is tired and needs to rest.”

Her caring master respects the cat’s choice and now Choupette will be able to put those five cat trees to good use.

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