Stray cat at wedding makes groom remember late father

A cat crashes a wedding, reminding the groom of his cat-loving father

A groom had a surprise on the day of his wedding. A stray cat joined the wedding guests during the religious ceremony held in Italy. Alessandra and her fiance Frederico gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union under the blessing of the Church. Unfortunately, one dear to their hearts was sadly missing: Federico’s deceased … Read more

A gray short-haired cat wearing a shirt collar and bowtie.

This adorable cat acted as the ringbearer at his owners’ wedding

Weddings are about family and loved ones. A cat had the privilege of being an active participant in his owners’ special day as he bore the wedding rings. In 2021, Diana Gonzalez, 36, and Nicholas Edward Donatelli, 27, decided to tie the knot. The couple carefully planned their ceremony, picking the catering, the florist, etc. … Read more

Two images: One of a black and white cat, one of two wedding rings.

A woman ‘marries’ her cat to prevent a landlord from separating them

A surreal event occurred in a London city park in April 2022: a woman married her cat. The wedding took place for a specific reason. The practice of some landlords inserting a no-pets clause in their lease agreements is well-known. However, for Deborah Hodge, a 46-year-old Londoner, this type of clause has come with a … Read more