This adorable disabled cat loves to take on TikTok challenges

Peanut, a nine-year-old feline, is taking TikTok by storm with his adorable face and comical expressions. The disabled kitten has made a name for himself as the wonky kitty.

The puss has a peculiar head shape with straight ears that give him an uncanny appearance. Moreover, Peanut is deaf and partially blind, although his owner doesn’t know the origins of these infirmities.

Newsweek reported that Sydney Benham, from Michigan, adopted Peanut in September 2020 from a local shelter. He was brought there as his previous owner had passed away.

The student attributed her cat’s disabilities to a congenital incapacity or a possible abuse when Peanut was younger. She said on Instagram:

“‘When we adopted him, the shelter had said it was either going to be a birth deformity or defect, that kind of thing.”

Sydney gave extra details on the circumstances in which Peanut ended up in a shelter, explaining:

“He could have been abused when he was younger. He came from a hoarding situation with about eight cats in the house, and the owner had died. So he had to get abandoned at the shelter, and that’s just how he looks; they said he was perfectly healthy.”

According to Sydney’s veterinarian, the cat’s condition doesn’t affect him much. Peanut’s lack of hearing and partial blindness has probably resulted from his facial deformity, although the cat is doing well overall.

Like many cats’ parents, Sydney loves to show off her moggy in adorable videos on social media platforms. She describes him as a nap lover, toe chewer, and couch climber.

As a result, the “wonky kitty” has amassed a significant fanbase with more than five hundred thousand followers on TikTok.

Peanut nails a video challenge

One particular video where the cat participates in a “staring contest” has proven popular. The clip has more than seventeen million views on TikTok.

In the footage, Sydney tries an internet challenge where she asks Peanut to blink as she does, but the cat doesn’t budge. A wide-eyed Peanut stares at the camera, seemingly in shock.

The video caption reads: “I think he almost understands the concept.” Take a look at the viral clip below:

The footage gained over three million likes and thousands of comments. TikTok users made light of the cat’s expression.

User Violet_Preppy<3 found a similarity between Peanut and herself, writing:

“Me at 5 am when my mom says to get ready for school.”

Another user who defended the cat’s reaction, @GoOf said:

“I think he heard Blank instead of blink, so he ain’t wrong.”

Check out his account if you want to see more of this endearing cat.

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