Photoshopped image of owl with a cat's face

This artist edits photos to create strange and funny cat combinations

This artist creates photoshopped pictures of cats that are both weird and wonderful, putting feline faces on other animals and everyday objects. They might be a little strange sometimes, but we love her creativity. The artist is Galina Bugaevskaya, from Moscow. She started creating these photoshopped pieces back in 2018 with her kitten, Uma, as … Read more

Photo and cartoon version of orange tabby cat licking fluffy white kitten

This artist makes Disney-style portraits of cats and other animals

Isa Bredt is an illustrator who specializes in pet “Disneyfication,” or drawing portraits of pets in the Disney art style. She draws any kind of pet, but we especially love her adorable and lively renditions of cats. Isa studied illustration and animation for a few years at a school in her home country, the Netherlands, … Read more