Two images: one of a white cat, the second of the same cat covered in brown paint.

After a cat uncovers an open paint can and comes out splattered, his owner issues an important warning

An inquisitive little cat got himself in trouble while exploring his neighborhood. After sliding in paint, the feline left the house white as snow but returned completely brown and wet. The event upset the cat’s owner, who urged people to care more when painting their fences. George, the kitten, lives with Jemma Mossop and her … Read more

A white dwarf cat frowns at the camera.

This Dwarf cat’s perpetual frowning face says everything about her cattitude

Widget is a curmudgeon-faced dwarf kitty with all the “cattitude” you’d expect from a feline who wears a perpetual frown. And her mom, Michelle Roberts, wouldn’t change a thing about her. Neither would Widget. She’s the self-proclaimed “meanest 6.4-pound mother fluffer” around, according to her Instagram page, Widget was born as the runt of her … Read more