This photographer takes gorgeous pictures of Maine Coon cats

Robert Sijka is a photographer who loves taking professional shots of his favorite subject: cats. His personal business is known as the Felis Gallery. This name comes from the Latin word for “cat,” so it’s clear that he’s dedicated to his craft of making these cats come alive through his amazing photos.

Let the cats speak

According to Robert, his cat photography business started when his wife began to breed Maine Coons a few years ago. He grew to love all the cats that were born and grew up in their home, and he discovered his passion for taking pictures of them.

Robert mostly takes photos of the Maine Coons his wife breeds, and he sells these photos to people who are interested in using them as amazing home decorations.

Robert’s style is simple but powerful. He describes it on his website:

“My goal is to show different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat’s eyes. I prefer to use a simple background and light setting which complements the cat, nothing else.”

He really does let the cat’s eyes speak for themselves. He has a unique way of capturing their light and color, making them glow in such breathtaking ways that they almost seem to pop out of the picture.

The star of the Felis Gallery

The star of many of Robert’s photos is Mr. ViVo, a gorgeous Maine Coon with a lion-like mane. His regal gaze and posture make him one of the most photogenic cats ever, and his photos never fail to strike awe in the heart of the viewer.

In the description of a photoshoot video of Mr. ViVo, Robert describes the cat:

“Mr. ViVo is 4 years old and is a purebred Maine Coon cat. Every time I do a session for our cats, Mr. ViVo is present. Apart from the fact that he is very photogenic, he also enjoys posing for photos. I can never resist the urge to take pictures and videos of him, even though I already have a lot of them in my archives.”

Is there anyone who could resist? So many people would love to snap a picture of that beautiful cat.

Robert has also taken some fun pictures and videos of Mr. ViVo, including ones with him sticking his tongue out, being lazy, or playing with a toy. Even in these sillier moments, Robert is still amazing at capturing the inner beauty and dignity of his feline friend.

A worldwide mission

Although Robert mostly takes photos of his own cats and the ones his wife breeds, he also occasionally travels to an owner’s home to take photos of their pet. He says:

“I really like to travel around the globe and I can show up in the farthest corner of the world. So, I will either come or I won’t, depending only on how badly you want this.”

Robert truly is a photographer with a noble mission: photographing cats in beautiful ways to show their grace and dignity. And he does an amazing job.

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