This sad-eyed senior cat in New Jersey finally found his forever home after going viral on Tik Tok

In the summer of this year, TikTok user Denise @rescue_mama1 shared a post about the adoption efforts to get a sad-eyed senior cat named Frankie adopted. The vet tech and animal rescuer eagerly shared his story to help him reach the goal of finding his forever home where he could claim his spot on a couch of his own in a loving home.

Senior cat goes viral

Nicknamed the “sad-eyed” cat, Frankie’s story went viral with over 597,000 views on Tik Tok.

The senior cat was brought to a New Jersey shelter after his owner transitioned into an assisted living facility and could no longer care for the feline. Frankie had not only lost his owner but also his forever home.

Since then, the small rescue shelter has made every effort to help him find his forever home. Despite going viral on Facebook and Reddit, the 13-year-old cat came across as aloof to potential adopters.

Due to his older age and inability to do well with other cats, Frankie got overlooked. After the summer months passed and hundreds of shares on Facebook and social media, Frankie remained up for adoption as autumn approached.

Fate intervenes

Thousands of hopeful followers commented on Tik Tok with wishful prayers and hopes for Frankie to find his forever home with his future human. 

The shelter’s efforts, persistence, and dedication paid off as an updated post sharing the good news about Frankie went public on September 30th. Frankie got adopted and found his forever home! 

He finally received his wish for a comfortable loving place to call his own and stretch his paws. Frankie, the sad-eyed senior cat, was not so sad anymore.

Final Thoughts

Frankie’s story is all too common among senior cats who have lost their forever home due to unforeseen circumstances. Senior cats have more difficulty getting adopted compared to their younger kitten counterparts.

All animals deserve to find a loving home and share their lives in safe, healthy environments where they can thrive. Sharing the successful adoption of Frankie, the sad-eyed senior cat, is a great reminder always to keep hope alive. 

It’s never too late to start a new chapter and learn to thrive again in the twilight years. Frankie has found his forever home, and those eyes don’t look so sad anymore as they now have a happy glimmer.

Did this inspiring story touch your heart? Do you have a senior cat at home?

Share your thoughts. Remember to share this hopeful story with a friend to brighten their day.

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