Dad, who lost his cat, can’t hide his delight over a new kitty

Whether accidental or expected, losing a pet after so many years together is heartbreaking for the owner.

For this reason, one Internet user from Mexico found a way to soften his father’s pain, who had lost his cat earlier. She offered her dad an identical kitten to the one who had passed.

The father’s reaction to the new pet moved social media users to tears.

As Tiktoker @ahlmah143, of her real name Alma, explains in a video, her father had just recently experienced the loss of their cat. The man was very attached to the feline; therefore, its death saddened him extremely.

Seeing her father’s sadness distraught Alma. Thus, the concerned daughter looked for ways to cheer up her dad. There was only one way to help him: getting him a new companion.

So, Alma brought a kitten to her parents’ house. She placed the cat in a shoe box she handed to her father.

Confused by the situation, the man opened the box in front of his other children and discovered a tiny furball inside. This feline looked a lot like his former pet.

Slowly, a grin appeared on his face. Then, delighted by their father’s reaction, everybody else cheered for the beautiful moment.

Alma uploaded the tender reaction to her TikTok account in April with the caption.

” My dad deserves this and so much more.”

Watch the fantastic surprise below.

 The video is now a sleeper hit. Shared by a few accounts, the clip has resurfaced and spread online. Commenters praised the father’s reaction.

@tiktokscroller wrote:

“the way his expression softened and there was love and joy in his eyes again after seeing the kitten!❤❤😭”

A sensitive user named @Janitzza shared:

“Why y’all do this to me 😭😭😭😭 I was about to go to bed and now I’m crying Lmaooo!”

Alma later announced they had found a name for the feline: Luna. Luna has completely charmed her new owner, who doesn’t want to spend a minute away from her.

Losing a pet

It can be difficult to lose a pet, especially if it has spent several years sharing your life. However, the pain brought on by this loss is not acknowledged.

Very often, the people concerned are met with the incomprehension of their entourage. Disapproving remarks like “it was only an animal” or “no one died” are sometimes used.

But underneath it all, there is actual suffering, which necessitates real mourning effort in most situations.

According to a study done in the United Kingdom, the anguish experienced when losing a pet is practically analogous to the pain experienced when losing a loved one.

However, it’s interesting to note that studies show that while losing a pet is less painful, the healing process takes significantly longer.

Why? Because of the lack, or even the total absence of understanding of this particular. Only pet owners themselves will comprehend.

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