This stray cat and his sweetheart have a moving love story

A budding romance between a stray ginger cat and the object of his affection has captivated Tiktok users.

Love stories can be thorny and usually require commitment and patience, it appears the struggle is no different for kittens.

Yes, felines have feelings too, the following story shared by Amomeupet proves it. A feral moggy decided to woo his dulcinea, a Calico named Mia, by paying her daily visits until she accepted him by her side.

Mia’s owner filmed the courtship and later shared it, much to the internet’s delight.

The ginger cat is no stranger to the neighborhood. He usually passes through the streets of the residential area where Mia lives. Since he saw her, the ginger kitty has developed a crush on darling Mia.  

Nonetheless, Mia was utterly insensitive to the efforts of this unclean moggy at first, indeed, she was no easy catch.

The princess flounced before the ginger cat to let him know he wasn’t welcome. But, the stray had more than one trick up his sleeve. Thanks to his perseverance, he persuaded the Calico kitten to give him another chance.

Both cats had a particular routine. According to Mia’s father, the ginger stray entered the house through the roof and observed his sweetheart comfortably seated in her woven basket, for hours.

Like many great loves, this one also faced challenges.

Mia’s health woes

Mia was suffering from infectious peritonitis, a highly contagious disease when her suitor initially arrived, the coronavirus had caused the deadly condition.

The feline patient underwent treatment and her health drastically improved. Yet, it was critical that Mia remain confined to avoid contaminating the other animals in the neighborhood.

Regardless, her ginger devotee had decided to be patient, he would watch her from afar when she took a sun nap. After the night had fallen, the stray would then return to the window.

Mia’s owner realized that his cat’s suitor wasn’t going anywhere, so he gave the newcomer some food. But, sadly, the man wasn’t in a position to adopt the stray feline.

Over time, He recorded the sweethearts’ moments together and posted a clip online. The video, uploaded in March 2022, has been viewed over 8 million times, with 1.5 million likes. The more than 17,400 comments that the clip has gained illustrate how moved viewers were by the story.

User @gabrielesantos729 gushed:

“so beautiful I will die of tears of happiness😩”

User 🤫morena♡  was inspired by the fling, stating:

“I’m not doing a cat fanfic, no 😂😂😂😂”

Mia’s owner explained that his puss now anticipates her paramour’s arrival with bated breath. The two mates are now closer than they have ever been.

Mia’s father said:

”Now, they sleep together, argue vehemently, and find themselves even in clandestinity”

Hopefully, these two will get a happily ever after!

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