A grateful rescue cat brings her owner their slippers every morning

Lulu, an adopted kitten, makes it a habit to bring her owner their slippers every morning when the woman wakes up. The owner sees the cat’s action as a beautiful token of love and thankfulness.

Two years ago, the cat’s life changed completely. She went from being left out in a shelter to living in a caring home where she was spoiled every day by her family.  

Lulu is a 10-year-old tabby cat who came to the animal shelter in bad shape. According to news site Tekpolis, the puss had many health issues and an unkempt appearance, with her long fur being completely matted.

 After spending twelve months in the animal shelter, Lulu’s dreams came true. Finally, she found people willing to take her in and love her forever.

Michaela Coyne and her mother, Leora, two residents of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, arrived at the shelter, looking for a new family member. Michaela, Kayla to her friends, had long yearned for a kitten, she shared on Reddit:

“I tried to convince my mom to get a kitten, but she clearly knew what she was doing.”

Kayla explained that Lulu had been at the shelter for a year as no one wanted her due to her health issues. The young woman added:

“Lulu has kidney disease and had ingrown toenails because she was in a cage that was too small. She couldn’t even jump when we got her.”

Despite her ailments, Lulu made a great impression on Kayla and her mom, they immediately knew she was the one when they met the tabby kitten.

After completing the paperwork, Lulu finally left the shelter for her new home. Within a few months, the weakened puss regained her energy and could run and jump like any other cat.

She was virtually unrecognizable from the dirty moggy Kayla brought home. The care Lulu received from her mistress changed her matted coat to a fluffy one.

A surprise from Lulu

One day, Kayla’s mom woke up to find a pleasant surprise. Lulu had carried her slipper to her bed, set them down in front of her, meowed loudly and proudly, and then returned for the other slipper.

This ritual became a daily routine. The smart feline had actually noticed Leora would always put her slippers on right after she woke up, so Lulu decided to help.

She would pick the shoes up from wherever Leora had left them the night before and bring them to her owner.

Kayla was highly touched by the cat’s thoughtfulness and shared it on social media.

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