This woman and her 19-year-old cat are soulmates – she’s taking care of him until the very end

Kuschel is a 19-year old cat from Germany who is living out his retirement years with his soulmate and owner, Leoni. Leoni has had Kuschel since she was four-years-old, and they’ve rarely spent a night apart since. “As soon as he was with us in the car, I completely fell in love with him.” Leoni … Read more

A gray tabby looking up at the camera while being petted on the head.

This amazing foster mom is giving this senior hospice cat her all – but she still needs help

Mabel the cat came into her experienced foster mom Malia’s life at 12 years old and weighed only four pounds (under 2kg). She was also blind, and on top of being malnourished, had a host of skin, dental, and ear problems. She had bald patches all over her body, and was incredibly picky with what … Read more