Ginger momma cat and four ginger kittens.

These “Golden Girls” momma cat and four kittens were very rare

Lori White, a foster kitten mom for ARPO, had a big surprise coming: a beautiful ginger momma cat and her litter of four ginger kittens were on their way to her foster home. Discovery in the basement These cats were found in the basement of a vacant home by someone who had come to clean … Read more

A kitten’s mother tried to ‘eliminate’ him – but he was rescued just in time

This kitten, delightfully named Noggin, was born earlier this year. His mother was most likely very stressed when he was born, which caused her to injure him by over-licking his delicate little head. Unfortunately, this behavior from mother cats towards their kittens can be common if they feel threatened or if there is an underlying … Read more

A grubby ginger kitten is being held in a gloved hand.

A garbage collector rescued three kittens that were cruelly discarded in the trash

Terrance Taylor, a sanitation worker in Lebanon county Pennsylvania, discovered three discarded kittens in a trash can during his daily route and rescued them from their terrible situation. Taylor posted a TikTok video to his account that documented the dramatic rescue of the three ginger kittens and the footage captured hearts across the internet with … Read more

a kitten sits in a red basket with her back to the camera.

This woman became the guardian angel of a disabled kitten she rescued from the streets

A young woman and her brother found a tiny orange disabled kitten in the middle of the road, dragging its back legs behind it. The kitten was in bad condition, aside from its immobile legs, its eyes were weeping mucus, it was having trouble breathing and it didn’t seem to have a voice, although it … Read more