This woman, formerly afraid of cats, adopted a cross-eyed cat with strabismus and could not be happier

A woman named Jeanine had a former fear of cats until she adopted an adorable cross-eyed cat when her parent’s friend’s cat had a surprise litter of kittens. The adorable feline Fritz may not look like a scholar but she delivers in the love department.

In an adorable video testimony on YouTube, cat mom Jeanine shares her story about how she adopted her unique cat, Fritz. About six years ago, when a family friend’s cat had a litter of kittens that needed homes, she took in Fritz and another cat, Gizmo.

Cats with strabismus

People often think her cat Fritz has a disability or special needs; however, she is neither. Her cross eyes are a result of genetics.

Fritz has a condition called strabismus, which is a nonfatal eye condition in cats that causes their eyes to be out of alignment with each other. This results in cats having a cross-eyed appearance.

This condition is not a disability; however, it can affect the ability of a cat to focus correctly. It’s a genetic condition that usually occurs at birth and does not cause blindness.

Outside of genetics, other causes for this condition include viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

Strabismus is most common in Siamese cats, Himalayan cats, and Persians. Cats with this condition learn to adapt to this condition and still live happy, healthy, everyday lives.

She’s got purr-sonality.

Fritz’s eyesight isn’t the best; however, she is just like any other typical cat. Fritz’s mom has had her for six years and adores her quirky look and lovable personality.

Fritz likes people and is friendly, although sometimes it takes a while for her to warm up to people. She is a relaxed cat and is a big purr box.

It’s not uncommon for her to purr with her mouth open too. Fritz loves engaging in normal cat activities like napping, hanging out with mom, and getting plenty of cuddles.

She adores getting attention. This cat is lovable with her infectious personality, unique look, and affectionate demeanor.


Fritz’s mom, Jeanine, credits Fritz for helping her through the past two years of living through a pandemic. She’s always a ray of sunshine to her day and helps lift her mood when times get tough.

Fritz and her sister Gizmo live together and have the same genetic condition. Together they enjoy living a happy life at home.

You can learn more about Fritz and Gizmo by following their Instagram page.

Did this story resonate with you? Do you have a cat with strabismus?

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