This woman left her high-paying career behind to start her own cat-sitting business

In Wokingham, England, a former PR executive left the corporate world for a different path. 38-year-old Anna Wan decided to launch her own cat-sitting business.  

Until 2018, Anna used to work in PR and events management. Her past routine included staging events, such as weddings, conventions, and trade exhibitions.

Three years after getting married, Wan relocated to Wokingham in Berkshire, during the move she realized that she wanted to be self-employed and have more flexibility.

Furthermore, Anna had always had an affinity for cats, she was given her first puss when she turned three. The woman recalled:

” Tommy had no teeth and wasn’t the most sociable, but he was our first cat and lived to a good age of 17, so very special to us all. He used to get in my pram and would always know if we were ill and become friendlier and lie on our beds.”

 So, the idea of setting up a cat-sitting service came to Anna naturally.

A pawsome occupation

A few months later, her new business The Feline Nanny was ready to welcome its first clients. Cat owners in the area have come to rely on this establishment, which has a good reputation for providing excellent service.

Anna usually goes to people’s houses to look after the cats while their owners are away, both the cat and the owner benefit from this arrangement.

Kittens are happy to be cared for by Anna while their owners can go on holiday or business trips knowing that their pet is safe and occupied.

Anna explains to Metro:

“Moving a cat to a new location for a few weeks can be unnerving for the feline. Cats’ routines aren’t disrupted because I take care of them when their owners are abroad.”

For the Briton, business is booming as she can have up to a hundred and fifty cats under her care. The Feline Nanny offers various services ranging from simple tasks to elaborate routines.

For example, the nanny can perform a daily health check, replace the cat’s food and water, or put out the owner’s garbage and play with the cat. Anna remarked:

“I open and close the curtains, as well as collect the mail and newspapers. To ensure their cat’s safety, I’ll spend some time with it. Restocking food and cleaning litter boxes is enough for most consumers.”

Anna’s roommate

Anna Wan considers herself to be in the perfect situation. She’s fortunate enough to do what she enjoys most – being among cats –all day long.

Besides her clients, the cat-sitter takes care of her pet, a ginger moggy named Garfield, Anna adopted eight-year-old Garfield from a rescue, he had grown up with forty cats all stacked inside a house.

Poor Garfield was so terrified that he initially spent his time under his new owner’s bed. Nevertheless, the professional cat nanny quickly won him over.

Nowadays, both Anna and Garfield lead a happy life together.

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