Orphaned kitten builds an incredible bond with another lonely kitten at a rescue center

A kitten named Cinco arrived at an animal shelter with health issues. There, she struck up a long-lasting friendship with another cat.

Cinco, known as Cici, had a difficult start. The kitten lost her mom and was brought to a first shelter but they didn’t have the proper equipment to feed her when she arrived at the shelter with a growth delay.

Fortunately, the shelter contacted another refuge, The Murphy’s Law Rescue in North Carolina, which agreed to take in the calico kitten. Subsequently, Cici was separated from her siblings.

Orphans kittens usually suffer from loneliness. They require group living to feel comfortable and socialize at this early age.

Cici was little when she arrived and despite being weaned, needed to be bottle-fed newborn milk. Her stunted growth was caused by insufficient nutrition, which manifested in a lack of balance.

The Murphy’s Law rescue staff took great care of Cici to make her feel safe.

Sarah Kelly, the association’s founder, acted as the cat’s foster mom. The kitty felt immediately at ease with her foster mother, the generous woman told Love Meow :

“She was so grateful to be taken in, and right away was vocal in letting us know her desire to be loved and fed,”

Cici could now experience a warm and caring environment that would assist her in getting back on track. Cici would meow at the top of her lungs whenever Sarah entered the room with a bottle in her hand.

During the next few days, Cici finally grew and developed a distinct personality. It didn’t take long for her to start babbling.

A close pair

Once the feline was out of isolation and in good form, Sarah let Cici encounter other young cats at the shelter. As Sarah explained:

“She was so confident and independent, like a stoic little princess always doing her own thing—at her own, very dainty, cautious speed,”

Among the group was a kitten named Gaia, with a strong temperament Gaia tended to snub her fellow cats with a haughty air.

Regardless, Cici chose Gaia as her mentor. She approached the tuxedo cat carefully and snuggled up to Gaia and they dozed together as if they had known each other their entire lives.

Cici and Gaia became inseparable. Among all the newborns in the shelter, the two kittens made quite the pair. In her interview, Sarah remarked:

” She instantly bonded with Gaia! They would snuggle and play together constantly, “

When she was old enough to be adopted, Cici showed visitors that she wasn’t ready to be away from Gaia. This close relationship moved a couple of adopters who observed the interaction between both kitties.

The family ended up adopting the pair. Sarah stated:

“They were both adopted by the same family! We are overjoyed that they have found the perfect masters and a lasting home. These two girls are as adorable as their future appears to be “

Gaia and Cici can now have many new adventures together, it’s a touching happy ending.

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