Two foster kittens Peach and Daisy get more playful after their eye surgeries

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were two kittens with serious eye problems. After a month in foster care and some successful eye surgeries, they are now in the process of being adopted.

A pair of one-eyed kittens

Peach and Daisy were found as strays and brought to the shelter. They each had one eye that was in such bad condition that it couldn’t be treated. They both would have to get one eye removed.

They were taken in by Hoa, a foster parent volunteer for the nonprofit Waggytail Rescue. On her Instagram profile, Whisker Land, Hoa shares the stories of all the animals she fosters. In the first post about Peach and Daisy, Hoa explained that eye infections are common among stray cats:

“Kittens like Daisy and Peach are the unlucky ones whose eyes have gone untreated for too long. They’re also skinny, dehydrated, and hypothermic, but don’t worry because it will only get better from here.”


A few days after Hoa took them in, Princess Peach had her eye surgery. Her eye had been in the worst condition between the two kittens, so it was good to see her fixed up and doing well. In a post, Hoa gave an update on how the kitten was doing:

“This girl is not bothered by her surgery AT ALL. If anything, she already seems more comfortable and started playing with a ball the second we got home.”

Peach also had a broken jaw, but she couldn’t have surgery done yet since her head was too small. But Hoa said it would possibly heal on its own, and she was feeling hopeful for the kitten.

Black and white kitten with one eye and stitches
Princess Peach is looking great after her surgery. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

Princess Daisy’s eye had been doing okay, so Hoa hoped that she could have her eye removal and spaying at the same time so she wouldn’t have to go under anesthesia twice. But her eye got worse, and they had to get the surgery done right away.

Like Peach, Daisy made it through the surgery like a champion and was doing much better.

Gray tabby kitten with one eye and stitches
Princess Daisy’s surgery went just as well as her sister’s. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

Playful kittens

Before their operations, both kittens were low energy and didn’t do much besides sleep. But afterward, they became playful and started purring all the time. Such a big change for such tiny kittens! Hoa expressed her amazement:

“I don’t understand how kittens can be tiny and fragile but also strong and resilient at the same time.”

Black and white kitten playing with a ball
Princess Peach has so much energy to play now. Pic credit: @whisker_land/Instagram

Peach and Daisy healed up some more, got their stitches out, and even gained some weight. They were happy, healthy, and ready to be adopted.

There has been no official announcement on the Whisker Land Instagram page yet, but the kittens are no longer available on the Waggytails adoption page, so we can assume that these super sweet kitties are already in the process of being adopted into their forever homes. A happy ending for these two one-eyed princesses!

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