Two kittens born without front paws display a remarkable zest for life

A woman discovered two kittens in critical health, fed them, and delivered them to a local charity so they could receive the care they required.

The generous stranger who resides near Los Angeles, California found the kitties outside of her garden, the newborns were alone and injured. The woman waited a long time for the mother to return, but she never did.

The concerned woman gave the two sad kittens a bottle of baby milk before alerting a local organization called Baby Kitten Rescue, who rushed to their aid. The organization specializes in neonatal care for kittens, its founder Caroline Grace told Love Meow :

“I couldn’t say no when I saw the message and the photographs.”

Special need kittens

After receiving Bunny, the female, and Otter, the male, into the safety of the shelter, Caroline took them to the vet. The siblings were infested with parasites and had an upper respiratory infection and gastrointestinal problems. But that wasn’t the worst of it, as Caroline explained:

“Bunny lost both forearms. Otter lost part of his right forearm and some toes on his left front. Their condition is most likely due to a birth defect,”

The veterinarian treated the adorable little patients and returned them to the shelter. Caroline shared that the outcome for kittens with these issues is better than most would expect, saying:

“Contrary to popular belief, cats with only two legs can live a completely normal and happy life. The kittens quickly learned to walk on their hind legs, like a little rabbit,”

Bunny and Otter rapidly regained their footing, their appetite grew, and they began to inspect their surroundings.

Happy and pampered

Otter and Bunny have graduated from the incubator to the playpen and in addition to the move are also litter training.

Bunny is smaller than her brother but is just as full of joy, especially since she benefits from the comfort of her sibling. She makes loud purrs of gratitude in response to finally being pampered, according to Caroline who shared how loud the happy kitten could be, saying:

“I can’t believe that such a big sound can come from such a tiny body,”

Due to her disability, Bunny may take a little longer to find her pace and walk perfectly but she stays cheerful. The small moves that she makes around her nest actually help her to strengthen her muscles. The two babies are quickly learning to adapt to their situation.

Soon, Bunny and Otter will have the chance to see a specialist and get proper physical therapy for mobility improvement. Once their fitness progresses enough, they will be available for adoption just like the other cats at the Baby Kitten Rescue.

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