Woman accidentally brings home wrong cat

It was a tale of twin kitties when an owner thinking she had found her cat out on the loose, accidentally brought the wrong cat home.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle km.queenx shared a hilarious video showing the humorous mishap as it happens.

George, is that you?

The woman was driving home when she thought she spotted her cat George out wandering the neighborhood.

Confused as to how the tabby had escaped from her home, she picked up the cat and put it in her car — but unbeknownst to her, it wasn’t actually George but a kitty doppelganger.

The video begins with km.queenx entering her house and reacting in shock when she encounters her cat George waiting for her. At the sight of her tabby cat the woman incredulously exclaims:

“I thought you were on the loose! I have a cat in my car!”

‘I stole someone’s cat!’

The woman bursts into uncontrollable laughter as she goes out to the car and opens the door to reveal a very confused kitty who looks just like George!

Bewildered and realizing the mistake that she has made, the woman questions how this cat could look so much like her kitty, saying:

“I stole someone’s cat! That’s not George! Why does it look like George!”

George’s unfortunate twin seems very confused as to why he is in the car of a stranger and meows at the woman, seemingly asking to be released.

The woman then asks her cat’s uncanny twin if he would like to come home with her.

TikTok has questions

Once the video of the hilarious incident went viral, TikTok users flooded the comment section sharing their amusement at the user’s mistake and imagining how the ‘kit-napped’ cat must be feeling.

One commenter imagines that the unsuspecting twin is furious and planning on calling the police.

One commenter imagines what the cat is thinking. Pic credit: @km.queenx/Instagram

TikTok users also had some imperative questions that they wanted answers to, namely, what did the woman do with the cat when she realized her mistake? Did she try to find its owner?

No harm done

Thankfully km.queenx cleared up any fears that commenters had about what happened to the cat once she realized her mistake.

She reassured her followers in the comment section of a later video that she lives within a secure townhouse complex and that she had found the cat within the complex. 

The original poster further explained that when she released the cat from her car within the building complex, it sauntered away seemingly knowing the way home.

Long lost twins

Given that they likely both live within the same housing complex, now it just remains to be seen if the two long-lost tabbies will ever meet!

Hopefully, there will be video evidence if the two doppelgangers ever do cross each other’s paths.

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