A 19-year-old cat is the self-appointed ambassador of a nursing home

A cat who lives with his owner in an assisted living center has become an unofficial mascot for the establishment. The elderly cat may be found at the home’s entrance, where he is delighted to meet and make friends with the guests arriving to see their relatives.

Simba is a 19-year-old ginger cat with an affectionate and sociable disposition. The vast majority of cats do not make it to such a ripe old age; thus, this feline is an exception.

Despite his age, the cat is still brimming with vitality and enthusiasm. On top of that, he enjoys meeting new faces.

In 2003, when he was nine years old, Liz Baker became his adoptive mother and gave him the name Simba. She describes the moment he entered her apartment for the first time.

Baker recalled that when she brought him home, the lively cat quickly inspected his new house.  Simba walked past the room, then continued into the dining area, the living room, and finally, the kitchen.

 Following his tour, the puss returned and sat down next to the shipping container. He then gave Liz a look of approval.

However, over the years, Liz’s situation has evolved. She became a resident at the Stone Creek Assisted Living Center in Alliance, Ohio, eighteen months ago and considered the facility to be her home.

Fortunately for the pair, the facility allows pets, so Liz brought her furry friend along.

“He’s very devoted to me,” said Liz

Simba fits right in the center. In fact, he has voluntarily taken a new role as the mascot of a retirement community.

The feline ambassador

In her interview with KFOR, Liz explains that Simba is not the kind of cat that likes to be held or cuddled, yet he can still show affection. He does this with each, and every one of the residents at Stone Creek Assisted Living Center.

His owner drives him about in the backyard on a little mobility scooter for a breath of fresh air and some stretching. On this occasion, Simba gets the opportunity to talk to some of the locals.

And the pair never passes up an opportunity to provide a warm welcome to any newcomers, regardless of whether the individuals are new permanent residents or are simply visiting.

The pleasant disposition of Simba is cherished by residents, visitors, and the facility’s staff members alike. A member of the Stone Creek staff by the name of McKaylynn Stephens stated

“He’ll find anyone who will give him chin scratches,”

The ambassador takes comfort in pleasing people.

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