Meet Sirius aka Happy Cat, whose markings grant him a perpetual smile

Years ago, the late Grumpy Cat took over the internet and became a meme. Of course, everyone remembers the cat for his eternally annoyed but funny expression.

If Grumpy Cat had a nemesis twin, it would definitely be a tuxedo cat named Sirius. Sirius was ten months old when his owners adopted him in October 2012.

The woman said of her pet:

“Sirius arrived into our life as a 10-month-old cat with a perpetual smile on his face.”

Siris had a particular coat that drew a lot of attention. This lovely black-and-white cat with green eyes was born with a patch beneath his lips, which gives him a constantly delighted smile.

 As a result, his increasing band of supporters has affectionately dubbed him “The Happy Cat.” The cat’s joyful look hasn’t altered in eleven years.

Seeing the kitten’s success, his owners shared pictures of the special kitty on social media, saying:

“His smile makes us smile every day, and we wanted to share that with the world. This world doesn’t have enough positivity, so we bring you Happy Cat.”

The Happy Cat is a social butterfly

Apart from his Instagram page, the tuxedo also owns a dedicated Facebook page where he promotes positivity (totally in tune with his image).

Sirius’s posts include cute headshots or pictures of him playing games with his human, accompanied by humorous captions. He usually signs his publications with the adorable hashtag ‘Siriusly.’

While looking at the tuxedo cat’s picture collection, viewers can’t help but break out in a broad grin. @cedarwho7 gushed about the feline, writing:

“This is one of the greatest faces on Instagram. I love you Sirius.”

To one of the cat’s publications, where Sirius and his mistress try on a fun filter, Instagram user @kt.cats left the following comment:

“Hahaha I tried this with my cats, but it wouldn’t work. They don’t have your white face and big smile! “

Sirius’s owner has once wondered if her cat’s permanent ginning expression didn’t sometimes come across as slightly creepy. She might have been comparing the comic character Joker and his clownish smile.

 However, fans were quick to contradict this assertion. One responded, under the username @queenloofa:

“Oh no he ain’t creepy smilin. He is adorable 😂”

Meanwhile, like other famous pets, Sirius continues to delight fans worldwide with his interesting mug. The kitten’s social media accounts also highlight other felines and causes in need of support.

That is one genuinely positive cat!

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