Locals help carry out cats rescue from dark garage

Cats are rescued from a dark garage after a year in captivity

The quick reactions of concerned citizens led to the successful rescue of cats and birds imprisoned in a cage in a garage in Pordenone, Italy. Authorities found the animals confined to teeny-tiny cages and housed in the gloomy and unwelcoming atmosphere of the garage. It’s believed the animals spent almost a year in this space. … Read more

Blind cat is welcomed in a school

A blind cat rejected finds a forever home in an Italian school

Ray, a black and white blind kitten, was left abandoned in Noci, Italy. Yet, in a school in  Castellana Grotte, Ray found a home. The kitten has been through a lot of ups and downs. Here’s the feline’s touching story The two men from Noci discovered the kitten. Although blind, the puss didn’t look feral … Read more

Lost cat retrived thanks to a Id chip and the collaboration of local services

Cat lost in Genoa ferry terminal retrieves family thanks to a concerted effort

After being forgotten in the port of Genoa for two weeks, a cat was reunited with her owner in Tuscany with the help of veterinarians and the Livorno local police. Mila was at the ferry terminal in Genoa with her human. However, with the bustling atmosphere at the ferry dock, the kitten got separated from … Read more