Cat returned home to Côtes-d’Armor after being gone for 15 long months

After vanishing 130 kilometers away from home, a black house cat eventually made his way back fifteen months later. His family, stunned by the feline reappearance, shared the fantastic tale.

The once-lost pet returned to his hometown Ploumagoar, France, in September 2021 after a long journey across the Finistère region.

Like his namesake, the famous Jungle book panther, Bagheera is a gorgeous nine-year-old black cat with golden eyes. Unfortunately, during a family vacation to beach town Portsall in July 2020, the moggy went missing.

This wasn’t the family’s first vacation in the Portsall area. In fact, owners Corinne, Arnaud, and their son made regular trips to the town with their pets, Pepsi the dog, and Bagheera the cat, in tow.

Consequently, Bagheera knew the region inside and out. Moreover, the cat actually liked to take long strolls in the neighborhood. Though he could be out for a few days at a time, he always returned.

But this time was different.  Corinne sighed:

“Contrary to his habits, he didn’t come back from his little outing.”

Even though the family spent two weeks in Portsall, the black failed to show up. In vain, they searched for him, calling him every night.

Corinne and Arnaud put up posters throughout the town, at local businesses, and on social media to help find their missing cat.

Because their stay in Portsall came to a close, the family had to leave Bagheera behind and return home. Heartbroken to abandon our cat, they make many trips back to Portsall, hoping he would reappear.

Seasons went by, so most would conclude, with reason, that Bagheera was definitively lost. Yet, Corinne maintained a positive outlook, saying, ” I was sure that we would find him.”

 She even left his basket and his carrier for this occasion.

Reunited with his loved ones

It turns out Corinne had a great intuition. Out of the blue doctor in Ploudalmézeau, near Portsall, called her to ask whether she had a cat named Bagheera.

A black moggy had been rescued and identified using his microchip. Corinne didn’t waste a minute and rushed to Portsall in quest of her cat.

Although Bagheera was away from his family, the kitten apparently had many benefactors during his fifteen-month journey. Indeed, the news site L’Echo reports that the welcoming person who took Bagheera to the vet also fed and housed the cat for some time.

Besides, Bagheera was in terrific condition when this citizen found him since several residents had cared for him during the preceding six months. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how the puss survived during fall and winter until friendly locals rescued him.

Anyhow, Bagheera’s family was overjoyed by the cat’s return. Bagheera certainly shared the relief; the cat was more affectionate than ever.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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