A butcher gives meat to stray cats and dogs coming by his shop

Ikram Korkmazer, a butcher in Turkey, has risen to fame because of the kind and caring service he always provides to a special type of customer. The man feeds stray animals.

Compassion and empathy for animals is a valuable trait in humans. In fact, some people are so devoted to animal welfare that they make it their life’s work to help animals.

 Others try to aid animals in whatever manner the can. Turkish butcher Ikram Korkmazer is one those caring folks. It’s no overstatement to say he is a gift for the stray cats and dogs of Turkey’s streets.

The Epoch Times reports that this 51-year-old businessman runs a thriving butcher shop, which has become well-known in part due to the owner’s unusual policy of giving free meat to every stray animal that wanders in.

Animals have made a habit of popping by Ikram’s shop to grab a quick bit when they are hungry. The stray moggies know the kind man will feed them the scraps from his production.

This custom, however, has its roots elsewhere. Once upon a time, a pregnant cat paid a visit to the butcher.

After the cat gave birth, she brought her kittens to Ikram every day in hopes of begging for food. “They’d examine the slices of meat displayed on the counter while balancing themselves on two feet, and then place their meat orders while standing, ” claims the meat shop owner.

The hungry kitten litter would end up showing up to five or six times a day looking for sustenance. Sadly, the mother passed away just weeks after giving birth.

 Still, it didn’t stop her babies for coming back to the butcher’s. Over time, more cats and dogs started coming into Ikram’s place of business, to his great delight.

To each of his visitors, the animal served a beef slice or else. This sweet gesture was a way for him to remember the mother cat,.

The meat industry veteran provides a wide variety of meaty treats for pets of all shapes and sizes. Lamb flesh, hearts, kidneys, and bones are just some of the items on offer.

Because he takes photos of every critter that comes into his shop and posts them to social media, the shopkeeper has become an internet sensation.

 He proudly boasted,

“I still have millions of people viewing my videos.”

Ikram uses this platform for good. He’s very passionate about promoting proper pet ownership and spreading awareness about the plight of abandoned animals.

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