Commuter struggles with cat scan in humorous clip

In funny clip, cat sits by turnstile, refusing to let anyone scan their passes

In Istanbul, a public transport commuter was confronted with a problem. A cat had settled on a terminal, making it impossible to swipe access cards. Even worse, every attempt to move the cat slightly was met with a pawing blow. The cat’s reaction had people cackling on social media. Istanbul has long been described as … Read more

Cat tumor looks like evil twin

Lifesaving surgery is performed on cat born with twin-like tumor in her tail

In Turkey, a Siamese housecat was born with a mass in her tail. The tumor possessed bone-like tissues, hair, and teeth. In summary, it was as if the puss carried a twin in her extremity. The feline underwent a complex surgery to remove the lump identified as teratoma.  She was only the second patient ever … Read more

A cat walks across the stage in front of musicians at a music concert.

A cat steals the show at a classical concert in Istanbul

Who said that cats don’t like classical music? Think again! While the CCR Symphony Orchestra was performing as part of the Amadeus Fan Club concert in Istanbul, a plucky kitten stole the show. In Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, cats are considered sacred, the animals are clearly present and part of the landscape of … Read more