A small ginger kitten looks at the camera.

A cat owner pays huge vet bills just to discover that his cat isn’t sick she’s just tired of him

After shelling out £80 (the equivalent of $95) to determine his pet’s condition, a British cat owner found out that his kitten was just fed up with him. Harry Jones is a 25-year-old telecommunications specialist who owns a kitten named Helen. He describes his nine-month-old feline as lovely and a bit of an attention seeker. … Read more

Cat who eats its neighbors food

Cat exposed for stealing neighbor’s food after worried owner takes him to vet because he won’t eat

A cat stopped eating food for days. Finally, his concerned owner brought him to the veterinary clinic only to learn that the puss was far from starving. The sneaky moggy had just been eating at a different “restaurant”: the neighbor’s house. Cats are known to be gourmets; they are picky eaters. But all felines must … Read more