A lost cat is discovered to be hiding out just fifty feet away in the house next door

Pet owners likely rank the prospect of losing their companions among their greatest concerns. But occasionally, they are blessed with a happy ending.

That was the case for Stewart Thomas who could not find his beloved cat. The man assumed his cat was lost forever, yet the animal was closer than he thought.

The media regularly publishes stories of cats and dogs who have been missing for many years but eventually return home. Unfortunately, however, these tales don’t always reassure owners currently looking for their runaway pet.

In 2018, Stewart, who goes by the handle @Stu, shared how he “lost” his cherished cat on the social network Twitter. Stu managed to keep all his followers guessing by giving them story updates until the climax.

A troubling disappearance

The tale started when Stewart realized that his tomcat had vanished. After checking his house without results, he walked up and down every street in the neighborhood, terrified that something terrible had happened.

He and his family looked for their cat for several hours but could not find it, there was no sign of the missing pussy cat whatsoever.

Later, Stu shared his cat’s disappearance on Twitter.

The cat next door

Stu however, was unaware that his cat had not gone far, the feline was still on the same block, staying in the house directly behind Stu’s.

Apparently, the nosy cat noticed that the door to the neighbor’s house was propped open, so he let himself in.

Initially, the neighbor who owned two felines, let Stewart’s cat out of the house so the wandering kitty could return to his real home.

Yet, something about the neighbor’s home must have attracted him since the sneaky kitten discovered another method to get inside without the woman noticing it.

The lady unaware of the intrusion went on vacation. However, before leaving, she asked a friend to come and feed her cats during her absence.

It was this friend who discovered Stu’s cat. She had received instructions to feed two cats but was spooked when she heard a noise coming from the chest of drawers.

She opened the cabinet to find a third cat scurrying around the clothes, the woman alerted the vacationing house owner, who put the pieces together.

At last, the lost cat was finally returned to its owners. Stu’s family couldn’t help but smile when they realized that their cat had been residing in the house next door the entire time.

They were relieved to learn that their cat didn’t suffer or starve and had actually been living quite comfortably during his time away.

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