Cat with two noses almost got put down but now lives happy life thanks to loving owner

Memphis was born with a cleft upper palate and a ‘smushed’ brachycephalic face which is why he has two noses! He was surrendered to a local shelter by his first owner when they could no longer care for him. The shelter threatened to euthanize Memphis because of his unique look, assuming it would be difficult … Read more

A tabby kitten with cleft palate.

A cat with a cleft palate helps a girl with the same condition embrace her features

The special bond between a little girl and her cat, who were both born with a facial deformity, has significantly impacted both of their lives. A young girl learned from her kitten Sergeant Pepper, that being different does not always equal being sad. Their lovely friendship has deeply impacted all who have witnessed it. Caitlin … Read more

A tiny white kitten being held in someone's hand.

Orphaned kitten with a cleft palate rescued by a selfless woman known as The Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw, also known as the Kitten Lady, is a professional kitten rescuer, humane educator, and bestselling author, who has dedicated her life to animal welfare. She recently rescued Chouchou, a neonatal kitten found underweight because of his cleft palate. Chouchou could not safely nurse due to his cleft palate, so Shaw began tube feeding … Read more