A woman discovers her cat has been bonding with a secret friend while at home alone

A New Yorker accidentally discovered her cat Cleo’s little secret. Through her apartment’s glass windows, the white Persian had befriended a team of workers and doesn’t miss an occasion to see her new mates.

Caelin Smith and Cleo live in New York City in a 15-story building, the old building is getting a complete makeover with a renovation underway.

As workers swarmed the building, Cleo managed to make new friends. Unbeknownst to her owner, who left the apartment to work, the white kitten would stand at the window hoping to catch sight of her new buddies.

Caelin learned about her cat’s new romance one day while telecommuting. From another room, the young woman heard her cat meowing.

Subsequently, Caelin went to check on her feline and stumbled upon an adorable scene. Little Cleo was standing at the glass window with her paws up.

On the other side, a worker on scaffolding was playing with the white puss, and Cleo was more than happy to have the workers’ full attention.

Cleo’s routine with her new friends

Since that day, the same scenario has been playing out. Around 8:30 a.m the workers climb onto the scaffolding and start working.

Their little fan Cleo is already there waiting to put her little paw against the window and greet them. Caelin always raises the blinds so the feline can watch her friends work outside the building.

She admits Cleo is a cat who has a hard time being alone, so Caelin is happy to see her cat have some company while she’s away.

 The New Yorker posted videos of the “date” on Cleo’s dedicated Tiktok page, @cleothecitykitty.

Take a look at the footage below.

The adorable clip has viewers gushing. It totals more than a million and two hundred thousand views. Many compare the encounter to the type of romances explored in NYC-based movies.

@Cae jokingly wrote:

“Proof that you don’t need an app to find love in NYC 😂”

Sarah Beth praised the cat’s looks, stating:

“She is absolutely beautiful! No wonder they pay her such attention! I wish they could have a play date to see how they bond!”

Others applauded Cleo’s flirting skills, with one user “lamenting”:

“🙄this cat got more game than me.”

While the workers may not have been able to pet Cleo, their relationship is blossoming through the window every day!

People have requested that Caelin set up an actual playdate between one of the workers and the fluffy pussy cat.

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