A hurried passenger inadvertently packs his cat in his luggage!

All travelers have at least one experience of packing the wrong items only to find out too late. Yet, the passenger in the following story certainly pushed the envelope: he mistakenly packed… the house cat!

This sidesplitting story was shared on Twitter by a user with the handle @JoeeCambo, although the original poster himself isn’t the subject of the tale. Instead, he explained that the funny incident happened to a friend’s father.

In the beginning, the father had a flight to catch early in the morning. Alas, he didn’t hear his alarm ring. Consequently, the traveler overslept, only waking up much later than intended.

When he finally rose from the bed, he realized his lateness and rushed to get ready. In a state of panic, the passenger hurriedly gathered up an entire stack of garments lying on his bed. 

There was no time to sort and fold the clothes, so the man stuffed everything into his suitcase without further consideration. After collecting his belongings, he made a mad dash to the airport, hoping to make it to the boarding gate on time.

There’s a cat in your luggage

But nothing went according to plan, once on his way to the gate, the man was stopped by airport security. Following a short detention, the clueless traveler was compelled to open his bag. Nervous, he obeyed.

The airport staff subjected the suitcase to a comprehensive inspection, yet nothing prepared them for what they found, all those present were shocked when they stumbled upon a little kitten in the bag. Obviously, the man recognized his pet.

It turns out the moggy was hiding under the clothes piles on the bed earlier. Hence, the owner lumped the clothes stack with the cat in his suitcase without noticing it.

Even though this story sounds funny, the airport security didn’t share the hilarity. Instead, they had reservations about the integrity of this wild narrative.

Twitter reacts

Twitter users, on the other hand, loved the comical tale, commenters flooded @JoeeCambo’s post to share their reactions!

@That C@&t Dave wrote:

“That’s the best shit I’ve heard!! 🤣🤣🤣”

Like many other users, @Goal_Hanger was more than skeptical about the story, stating:

“Absolutely no chance that happened.”

While users were torn determining whether the tale was factual or not, the original poster later gave precision. He said:

True or not, there’s a lesson to be learned here: the devil takes a hand in what is done in haste, so pay attention when you’re packing for your vacation!

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