kitten and monkey friends are inseparable

A pet monkey develops a close relationship with an orphaned stray kitten

A macaque known as Lilly helped save the life of a helpless kitten in Thailand. The monkey took the feline in, raising it as her own from the get-go. Seven-year-old Lilly had been living with owner Ball Wuttichai in Surat Thani, Thailand, for over a year when she met a lone kitty.  Initially, a then … Read more

A cat and a monkey on a bed eating.

This cat and monkey are the best of friends

A capuchin monkey and a cat have become best friends who share an incredible bond. Zhoto, a three-year-old male cat, and Izzy, a 10-year-old female black-capped capuchin monkey, are completely smitten with each other. Both pets live with Malaine and Tom Courser in the US. Despite their different species, the pals are inseparable, sleeping side … Read more