A kitten’s mother tried to ‘eliminate’ him – but he was rescued just in time

This kitten, delightfully named Noggin, was born earlier this year.

His mother was most likely very stressed when he was born, which caused her to injure him by over-licking his delicate little head.

Unfortunately, this behavior from mother cats towards their kittens can be common if they feel threatened or if there is an underlying problem with the cat or kitten.

The injury caused an open wound covering the top of Noggin’s head, which soon became infected.

After a full assessment it was concluded that this was a case of a mother cat trying to eliminate one of her kittens.

Thankfully, Noggin was removed from his mother in time and taken under the care of a vet who specializes in feline health.

Expert care

Ellen Carozza is a “feline only” licensed veterinary technician and a veterinary technician specialist.

And she was the perfect person to take charge of Noggin’s care.

Due to the nature of the injury to Noggin, as well as his incredibly young age, there was a concern that while undergoing treatment in the area Noggin’s brain could be damaged.

It was going to take a lot of gentleness and patience to help him recover.

Part of the treatment was keeping his head bandaged to protect the open wound while it healed.

Close up of a ginger kitten with a bandage wrapped around their head
Little Noggin was in good hands, but still had a rough road ahead of him. Pic credit: @thecatlvt/Instagram.

Although Noggin was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic, Ellen feared he would still lose and eye and an ear because of the aggressive nature of the infection.

As soon as he opened his eyes, it appeared that his left eye had already suffered some damage from the injury.

But he was gaining weight and grooming himself which were great signs for his recovery.

A couple of months later the wound was healing nicely and he didn’t need as big of a bandage anymore.

Ginger kitten with a bandage wrapped around his head at two months old
Growing into his ears and everything! Pic credit: @thecatlvt/Instagram.

One-eyed Noggin

As Noggin began to make strides in his recovery, he suffered a setback.

His left eye became severely ulcerated and he had to go through emergency surgery to remove it.

In good news, he made it through without a hitch and it wasn’t long before he was in better health than ever!

Ginger kitten with one eye
Looking good Noggin! Pic credit: @thecatlvt/Instagram.

He is now fully showing off his kitten energy and having a great time living his life to the fullest.

Noggin has made a miracle recovery thanks to Ellen and her expert care, may all the injured cats be so lucky.

Older ginger kitten with one eye
The one-eyed look suits Noggin! Pic credit: @thecatlvt/Instagram.
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