A YouTuber built an elevator for his elderly cat

Many pet owners are willing to go above and beyond regarding their beloved animals. From expensive equipment to fancy toys, nothing is off-limits for these companions.

Twenty-one-year-old YouTuber Liam Thompson, from New Zealand, is one of these committed parents. Faced with the difficulties of his old cat Frodo, Liam decided to build his puss a personal elevator. How sweet!

Moreover, Liam filmed the complete process and uploaded the resulting video on his popular Youtube channel.

Frodo and the annoying stairs

Frodo Thompson is a tabby cat with a ginger coat, his owner Liam makes no excuse for spoiling him to the maximum. Both puss and the owner are almost the same age.

But for Frodo, being a Twenty-something is another story. Indeed having reached this milestone makes him an elderly cat, in cat years, he could be Liam’s grandparent.

As he ages gracefully, Frodo inevitably faces some challenges. For example, Liam explained that his twenty-year-old cat now has trouble getting around, especially with staircases.

Despite his limitations, the ginger cat insists on hobbling down the stairs. Why? It’s a mandatory path to reach his favorite spot: the patio next to the swimming pool.

Mister Frodo loves a good sunbathing session and has no intention of giving up that privilege because of his bothersome joints, We likely all know an elderly person who behaves the same.

An elevator to lift Frodo’s spirits

Concerned about his cat’s health, Liam looked for ways to offer a little autonomy to the feline. After much thinking, he devised an inventive idea: to install an elevator for Frodo.

Apart from his cat, the resourceful Kiwi is very fond of DIY. Hence, Liam opted to build the whole system himself, he designed a two-part engine with a track and a car to roll down.

Using pieces of plywood, sliding door tracks, and an electric hoist, the young man finished his construction project for Frodo. He even used a dummy cat to test his invention.

It took Liam about four days to build the elevator. The YouTuber filmed the inaugural ride of the blue-colored elevator or should that be feline-evator? (a poor pun, we’ll admit)

The footage shows Liam asking a skeptical Frodo:

 “Are you ready to go down without moving a muscle? I hope so because it took me four days”.

The handyman of the hour said that this moment made it the best day of his life!

Frodo is truly lucky to have such an imaginative and caring master.

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