A cat steals the show at a classical concert in Istanbul

Who said that cats don’t like classical music? Think again! While the CCR Symphony Orchestra was performing as part of the Amadeus Fan Club concert in Istanbul, a plucky kitten stole the show.

In Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, cats are considered sacred, the animals are clearly present and part of the landscape of the city, where they freely roam.

One evening, the audience of a classical music concert saw a cat wandering onstage between the legs of the violinists and even the conductor. Inside the prominent Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, the stray feline made himself at ease, enjoying the orchestra’s performance.

A party crasher

The calico moggy climbed onto the platform, looking for a bit of attention from the orchestra musicians and its conductor, the result is an irresistibly cute video.

In the clip, we see the animal weaving through the musician’s chairs and playing with a cellist’s black robe. Rubbing against the instruments, the cat explored the stage and ended up mounting the conductor’s podium, ready to lead the concert with him.

Finally, the intruder found the best seat in the house: the edge of the stage, where he lay down to listen to the orchestra play.

Far from being bothered, the whole orchestra kept playing perfectly, although the conductor asked if any of the musicians were allergic to cats. Apparently not, as some of them gave the audacious pussy cat a quick stroke.

The public reaction

Overall, the unexpected appearance delighted audience members, classical music and a furry friend proved to be a winning combination.

The clip showing the cat on stage made the rounds in the news and on social media. Consequently, commenters found the moment amusing and typical of cats’ carefree attitude.

On YouTube, the user Jim Anderson was very impressed with the feline’s taste, writing:

” He is a sophisticated kitty with an appreciation for the finer things in life.”

Likewise, user @arcterion concluded:

“And this is why I love cats. They just don’t care about your fancy classical performance, it just wants a place to relax, and at that moment, that stage looked like a prime spot.”

It’s not the first time an animal has appeared in the middle of a classical music concert in Turkey. In 2017 at a concert of the Vienna Orchestra in Ephesus, a dog climbed on stage during a performance of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4.

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