A woman in Kuwait rescues a lost kitten after taking the wrong highway turn

Laila D’ Souza’s lack of orientation sense turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Following a wrong move on the highway, the woman discovered a lost kitten on the road and was able to save him from being run over in the traffic.

While Laila D’ Souza, director of an animal sanctuary known as the Winston Memorial Foundation in Kuwait, was driving home one day, she made the mistake of taking the wrong exit off the highway.

She was trying to find her way back to her normal itinerary when she spotted a little creature in the traffic. It was a kitten in a precarious situation.

The black-and-white stray cat, later named Hitch, was darting between the vehicles to find safety.

Laila could see the kitten was frightened by the constant movements of cars. So, promptly, she pulled over and got out of her vehicle to help it.

However, Laila’s good intentions didn’t make her task any easier. She couldn’t precisely locate the animal in the middle of the traffic.

After witnessing her struggle to find the lone kitten, a selfless man came to Laila’s help. Together they inspected the area for two hours in vain. Discouraged, the duo ultimately decided it was safer to leave the busy highway.

Laila returned to her vehicle and drove back to her house as intended initially. However, the woman’s intuition made her go slower than usual.

The lost kitten was safe and sound

 Once she arrived, she heard a noise coming from beneath her car. A terrified Hitch had found refuge in Laila’s car engine.

The diminutive kitten was able to fit in one of the compartments. When Laila removed her car’s hood, she found the unfortunate moggy curled.

Scared he might have gotten hurt during the ride, the animal activist immediately brought the kitten to the vet. At the clinic, the staff informed her that the six-week-old kitty was in good condition.

Thus, Laila took him in as her foster and babysat him.

Once he felt safe and secure again, Hitch ate voraciously and made loud purrs. After receiving care at Laila’s for a few weeks, the kitten could develop normally.

Next, he was put up for adoption by the City Kitties shelter in Washington, DC. Laila told Love Meow:

“The kitten who held onto my car from the highway to my house flew across the world from Kuwait to Washington DC.”

Fortunately, Hitch made a family fall under his charm. His new owners welcomed him with joy.

Laila was thrilled to learn the good news.

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