Video of the first encounter between a cat and a crying baby charms the internet

Cats and babies are certified internet kryptonite. Hence, their appearance together in a video is a recipe for success.

Indeed, an Instagram video showing a housecat’s first encounter with a newborn baby has won over Instagram. Posted on September 20th, the video earned 130 000 views in four hours.

The arrival of a newcomer in a household is always a big adjustment for those living in it. And cats are not an exception.

A user posted a video of a cat meeting his owner’s baby, and the adorable video went viral.

In the film, a cat can be seen suspiciously approaching a stroller. Inside the stroller is a newborn baby who is sobbing.

The cat eventually positions itself in front, close enough to be touched. Then, in order to get a better look at the infant, he rears back on his hind legs and lifts himself.

Because of the shocked look on his face, we can assume that it’s the first time he has ever been around a newborn. Like many new parents, the puss has a sense of helplessness in front of this loud and fussy infant.

The feline displays some hesitation in his attitude. He’d love to inspect the stroller closer, yet at the same time, he’s not sure about this odd creature wailing.

As the infant continues to cry, the cat finally approaches carefully and extends a paw toward the stroller as if he wants to soothe the baby.

Then, the baby lets outs another scream, catching the moggy by surprise. Instantaneously, the feline draws his little paw away from the newborn and maintains a polite gap between themselves while they stare at each other.

The audience’s reaction to the cute video

After viewing the film, many individuals have reported having emotional reactions on the internet. A few admit, almost passing out from giggling at the sight.

@jamie_l_bevan commented:

“what the fluff😂”

Similarly, User @md_shahid_afrid wrote in the comment section:

” Kitty’s like ohhhhh human baby, don’t cry I’m here for youuu…😅😅🥹 “

Most viewers thought it was sweet of the cat to show concern for the crying infant

@bestpawtraits interpreted the cat’s reaction, writing:

“I will calm you little guy 😍”

Hopefully, both baby and kitten will learn how to communicate with each other and become the best of friends. As one commenter put it, it’s certainly the dream of any pet owner having a baby: pets and kids getting along.

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