A woman went to the supermarket and came home with a cat!

Any savvy shopper knows that the supermarket is a trap disguised to lure feeble minds. You enter the premises with a short list of items in hand, and somehow you come out with a cart full of products you don’t need!

Annie Rahe took the idea of a shopping spree to a whole new level, she went out for groceries and ended up with a kitten!

Annie Rahe was shopping at her local Walmart when she decided to stop by the Christmas decorations aisle. As the holiday season was approaching, the customer wanted to browse the offers available.

Someone’s there

Annie was busy picking out garlands and ornaments until she noticed something unexpected, a tiny cat was napping in the space between wooden crates.

The moggy was filthy and appeared to be utterly abandoned, Annie sought out an employee and inquired as to the reason for the kitten’s position in the store.

The cashier explained that the poor kitty had been left in the supermarket parking lot. Since then, the animal had been creeping into the store to hide beneath the pallets.

Despite their best efforts, the salespeople were unable to remove him from the store.


Worker told me this #kitten was dumped in the #Walmart parking lot. Kitty keeps sneaking into the Garden Center. I couldn’t leave it there. #fyp

♬ original sound – Wally’s rescuer

The generous Annie made haste to the pet section to pick up some food for her newfound friend. Because he was so frail and covered in filth, she didn’t want to abandon the kitten in such a state.

As soon as she dropped the food, the kitten ran over and immediately began gorging himself on it. Once he was satiated, Annie looked for a cardboard box to carry him to her car.

But the animal was initially hesitant, he didn’t trust this stranger. As Annie said to The Dodo:

“I spent about 45 to 50 minutes just trying to gain his trust because initially, he climbed out of the box and my cart, and I had to catch him a second time,”

Finally, she managed to put him in his box. Afterward, she bought him a carrier to be more comfortable on the way home.

Wally finds a home

The good Samaritan brought her rescued feline home, bathed him, and fed him once more. After that, she decided to call him Wally.

Wally was extremely thin and undersized for his breed, but he appeared healthy and happy in his new home.

The new family member would purr loudly when Annie entered the room and she had to be careful not to step on the kitten, who liked to curl up between legs.

Wally will be introduced to his feline and canine siblings once he has received his final round of vaccinations.

Just as he wooed her, Annie is confident that Wally will be a hit with the other pets.

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