An unknown cat makes his way into a woman’s home and gets adopted

Most families pick their pets but sometimes it goes the other way. For example, an unknown black cat settled in a woman’s house as he belonged, so the woman ended up adopting him.

When intruding on someone’s home, the expected reaction when the homeowner returns is for the crasher to leave as quickly as feasible not to get caught.

Well, a black cat didn’t share this point of view. Tiktoker  @juliabadewrites chronicled in a video her shock upon coming home to find an adorable little intruder.

In a video subtitled, “We do not own a cat,” Julia shares an image of a cat lounging on a bed as if he were the owner.

This particular feline didn’t care about being caught in the least. As Julia poked him to wake him up, the puss lifted his head, let out a yawn, and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

The stranger made himself completely at ease

Julia admitted in her post that she did not know exactly how this furball arrived in her house. She thinks her three dogs might have a hand in this situation.

The unknown cat had not chipped anything on his way in. Furthermore, he left shortly before returning to the house like he had a routine.

“We have three indoor dogs who apparently let the cat in and decided not to eat him,” Julia wrote on Tiktok.

Viewers loved the video. Over sixteen million have watched the clip since Julia posted it on May 15th. Besides, the clip received 3.3 million likes.

Users lightly made fun of the original poster. @Kristine responded by writing:

“Well, if you have three dogs, and the cat made it to the bed with a nap, that cat now owns a human and three dogs.”

@Dammit Flynn stated:

“He is laying there like he pays the bills 😂😂”

Some commenters wondered if the cat didn’t already have an owner who might be looking for him. They asked Julia to check local Facebook groups or ask her neighbors.

The mother informed the concerned commenters that they had searched for an ID chip on the kitty and walked around asking the block. In addition, she planned to make flyers because the cat left sometimes; thus, he might live with many people.

Later, Julia announced her decision to keep the black kitty. The surprise guest had officially become a household member, to the delight of her followers.

They named him Jack. Julia also published many videos of Jack in his new quarters.

As usual, the feline was acting like the master of the house.

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