A charity is helping two rescue kittens from Lebanon find an owner in France

Two adorable kitties rescued by an animal rights association in Lebanon are now looking for a lifelong home in which they will be cherished. Cookie and Tom are a cute pair who desire this more than anything in the world.

The story of Cookie and Tom begins in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon’s bustling capital. A pregnant cat is left abandoned on the road, which leads to a series of regrettable events.

The anxious mother cat is utterly unaware of the hazardous road and spends her days roaming the streets and the city’s busy roads. Every day, she puts her own life and the lives of her babies in jeopardy.

After many unsuccessful attempts, a group stepped up to help the pregnant cat from her precarious circumstance and provide her with care. Thanks to this great initiative, the expectant mother could give birth in relative tranquility, away from the din and bustle of the street.

She delivered a litter of five kitties, with every single one in good shape. Next, the animal association’s following challenge was to find a home for those babies.

Providentially, within a short amount of time, three of the five newborn kittens were adopted by new families and given loving homes for the rest of their lives.

Yet, it remained two babies, struggling to find adopters. Tom and Cookie were the only ones who didn’t see another family.

These kittens are perfectly healthy, but the right person hasn’t come yet. Cookie is said to be very reserved, and Tom might be too ordinary to be interesting.

A french home for the rescue kittens

Elias and Friends, a French charity with operations in Lebanon, is now conducting adoption outreach in order to find Cookie and Tom the family they deserve. Thus, the website Wamiz is helping the association spread the word

The charity has launched an appeal for all French citizens interested in welcoming the kittens. If you’re curious about Cookie and Tom, here is everything you need to know about them.

First, the felines are up for joint adoption. The price of adopting a child is now set at 220 euros.

Cookie and Tom have both received their vaccinations against rabies. Additionally, they have undergone sterilization and microchipping.

The cats should be able to arrive in France by the middle of November. Anyone interested in rescuing these two creatures and giving them a second shot at life can email eliasandfriends @ gmail.com.

Hopefully, Cookie and Tom will soon be in a warm and loving environment for this winter.

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