Cat born with three eyes shocks the Internet

A video showcasing a special kitten has people shocked. The tiny cat has not two but three eyeballs, an anomaly derived from a genetic mutation.

Reactions vary from sheer amazement and reasonable doubt to concerns about the cat’s health. Since the video’s upload, the account has been inundated with questions relating to this unusual occurrence.

On August 10, a channel posted a curious clip on Tiktok. In the clip, a hand presses on a blue-eyed kitten’s eyelid to reveal a surprise.

The cat has a unique eye deformity, he is born with two eyes merging into one in the same eye socket.

It appears that the video actually originated from a Reddit forum, where it was posted by user u/Alloth. The TikTok account just reposted it afterward.

This cat particularity drew a lot of attention of social media. First, many people were skeptical about the authenticity of the clip, an understandable reaction since the internet is rife with hoaxes.

Soon, other comments poured in, expressing their bewilderment. Many people had questions about the kitten.

Redditor @NationRazer remarked:

“This cat looks like he might be from another planet with that dual eye mutation”

@uhhyeah asked on TikTok:

“Does it mess with their vision in that eye?”

Some reactions suggested the kitten see a specialist as his condition looked painful. Others had a more spiritual vision of the events, assuming the third eye was a divine gift.

Polycoria is behind the three eyes

After the debate on the video grew, professionals chimed in. Some veterinarians gave an explanation of the unique trait called Polycoria.

Polycoria is a birth defect or acquired condition characterized by the development of a second pupil. Although painless, it typically results in blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and glare.

Polycoria has a positive prognosis. If the patient’s vision loss is slight and does not cause significant problems in everyday life, it may not require treatment.

Nevertheless, this rare disorder can be surgically corrected. Pupilloplasty refers to this specific surgical procedure in which the surgeon makes incisions in the iris to remove the link between the patient’s pupils.

A patient affected with polycoria should see an ophthalmologist on a regular basis to monitor their vision and any changes in the eyes.

When it comes to cats and polycoria, great eyesight is essential to their climbing and general balance. As a result, vets suggest affected cats undergo surgery to ensure their well-being and avoid any potential difficulties.

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