Cat and bird develop an unlikely bond and can’t get enough of each other

When Rachell adopted a bird and kittens, she wished them to get along. But the pets surpassed her expectations: they became best friends.

Rachell brought a colorful bird into her home at the end of 2020. Thus, she named the green and orange animal Chicken.

Later, Rachell peeped at an ad showcasing a fluffy ginger kitten called Frank. The foster pet was looking for an owner, so she visited his family.

The woman fell in love with the fluffy cat but had one significant concern: her beloved Chicken. Generally, cats and birds do not make a peaceful menagerie.

Therefore, the bird owner was wary of potential issues if she were to adopt Frank. However, the cat’s foster mother tried to ease her doubts, saying:

“Frank loves birds. He watches the bird channel.”

Finally, Rachell took the plunge; Frank would be the new family addition. Once the newcomer arrived in the house, birdie Chicken started her conquest operation.

Surprisingly, the bird quickly won over her furry roommate. Together, they forged a strong bond.

Their owner, encouraged by this merry-go-lucky pair, took in a second puss she baptized Pugsley. Consequently, the three musketeers were now complete.

This “weird little trio,” as their owner qualified it, lived in perfect harmony for a year until tragedy struck. Franck became very ill.

Despite his caretakers’ best attempts to help him, the ginger kitten sadly passed away. His family was heartbroken, especially his feathery buddy Chicken.

Cat and bird are inseparable

At some point, Rachell was worried about the green bird. However, Chicken found support in Pugsley, the other feline.

It was as if the mourning of Frank brought them together. The animals started leaning on each other, to their mistress’s relief.

She said to The Dodo:

“I was really expecting to see everything fall apart. So, to see them together is amazing.”

Bird and puss love to spend time together, playing, eating, or cuddling. One day, Rachell found Pugsley comfortably settled in the bird’s cage with Chicken by his side.

Pugsley was even having a drink from the birdie’s water bowl. Usually, the bird doesn’t stay long in her cage, but she follows when her kitty wants to.

Besides, the bird is very territorial. She doesn’t like sharing Pugsley with anyone, human or else.

According to her owner, Chicken owns the house but cannot live without her cat. As Rachell concludes:

“My bird is a cat person.”

Pugsley and Chicken’s bond remains an enigma to family and friends, with visitors telling Rachell they don’t understand. The woman admits she doesn’t either, but she’s a fan.

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