Cat ‘moves out’ and sets up home in a cow shed

An independent kitty’s antics have gone viral after her owner shared a video on TikTok that has racked up over 380,000 views, lamenting how she had moved out and set up home in his cow shed.

The TikTok user who goes by Itsthatmadguy recorded himself on his farm in New Zealand, as he went to visit his cat who had taken it upon herself to leave the family home and build a new life in the farm’s abandoned cow shed.

A new home

In the now-viral clip, the black long-haired cat can be seen lovingly nuzzling her owner as she enjoys having him over to visit her new place.

As the happy kitty enjoys her head rubs, her owner pans the camera to show more of the dilapidated cow shed that she claimed as her new home. 

‘She moved out’

The TikTok user explains that one day his independently-minded pussycat simply decided it was time to leave home and set her sights on an old cow shed that sat unused on the large farm. He elaborates on his strange situation within the video as he explains:

“So whenever I want to come and see my cat I have to come to this abandoned cow shed because she moved out.”

Anyone else?

Unsure of whether he is the only one who has been abandoned by his pet, the baffled TikTok user enquired whether any of his viewers had experienced similar problems.

He explained that even though the family home was close to the cow shed, his cat would no longer visit the house, and wondered if he was alone in his strange predicament, saying:

“My house is over there, and this is the abandoned cow shed and she doesn’t come home anymore. I have to come and visit her at her house. Anyone else’s cat done this?”

Not Alone

Other TikTok users responded in droves to the question put forward in the viral video and expressed that they too had experienced being abandoned by their cats. 

One commenter shared that they had experienced the same issue when their cat had hilariously abandoned them for their neighbors, even though they didn’t want him there.

Another commenter shared that they still felt bitter about the fact that their cat had left them and moved into their flatmate’s room.

A commenter weighs in. Pic credit: Itsthatmadguy/TikTok
Another commenter who can relate. Pic credit: Itsthatmadguy/TikTok

Cats prioritize personal space

Though a scientific answer has not yet been given as to why some cats decide to make other houses their home, cat experts have noted that cats prioritize their personal space. 

Cat behaviorist and author Pam Johnson Bennett explores the reasons why giving your cat their personal space is important in an article that addresses ways to ensure that your cat experiences a sense of freedom.

Here, she tackles the myth that because your cat is affectionate and enjoys being close to you they don’t need their own space, explaining: 

“Perhaps, based on how closely he wraps himself around your head on the pillow at night, you think the last thing on his mind is a need for personal space. Even though he may seem like Velcro kitty, he still wants to be able to choose his space requirements.”

Happily independent 

TikTok user Itsthatmadguy’s humorous video ends with him saying farewell to the cat he once shared a home with, telling her that he will see her tomorrow.

Seemingly unfazed by her owner’s departure, the happy cat slinks back into the abandoned cow shed that she has claimed as her own.

The cute interaction can be viewed below.

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