Chase the clingy cat won’t stop hugging his mom

Chase is a cat who loves to give hugs to everyone, especially his mom. Sometimes she thinks he could learn to respect personal space more, but his clinginess still makes him such a unique and sweet cat.

Chase and his family

Chase’s family includes his owners, or his “pawrents,” Fifi and Kareem. He also has a cat sister, Skye, and a cat “wife,” Millie. Together, they are one big, happy human and cat family.

Chase is a two-year-old tabby who was the runt in a litter of kittens that was abandoned by their mother. Ever since Fifi and Kareem adopted him, he has been a sweet, lively cat. They describe him on their website:

“Chase has been a very vocal and affectionate cat for as long as we could remember. He loves attention, and he loves to be held like a baby! He especially loves it when we give him chin and belly rubs.”

They adopted him to be a friend for their older cat, Skye, so she wouldn’t get too lonely while Fifi and Kareem were traveling. However, Skye wasn’t a fan of Chase’s clinginess, and she wanted her own personal space. Super affectionate friends aren’t for everyone, after all.

Three cats under a tent: a ragdoll, tortoiseshell, and tabby.
From left to right: Skye, Millie, and Chase. Pic credit: @dontstopmeowing/Instagram

Fan favorite

But Chase’s personality is still so endearing. Fifi and Kareem say that he even reminds them of a dog, since he is “full of love” for everyone and “loves meeting new faces.” That certainly does sound like a dog, or maybe just a really friendly cat!

Chase’s clinginess may be a turnoff for his sister Skye, but it makes him a fan favorite on social media. Their followers love to see him being so sweet and cuddly.

Fifi and Kareem have several videos about Chase and his need for attention. One of them shows a brief glimpse into Fifi’s life as Chase’s favorite person to cling to.

Sometimes Fifi tries to teach Chase how to respect people’s personal space, like in this video where she tries to play a “keep hands to self game” with him. He doesn’t do so well, but that’s just how he is: sometimes he just needs cuddles!

Hugs for everyone

Chase doesn’t just shower his mom with hugs. He also loves cuddling with Kareem, his cat wife, Millie, and lots of other people that he meets. One video on their Instagram shows him making friends with his baby cousin by using the power of hugs.

Even when he invades their personal space, it’s obvious that his pawrents love him so much, and they definitely appreciate daily cuddles from one of their favorite kitties!

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